Ev Read openingI’m a Toronto-born, Cape Town-based artist who paints urban landscapes on handmade gesso panels, often working with a limited palette of between three and five colours and building up layers, rubbing paint away and laying it back on to create depth and rich colour.

My work embodies a tension between the quest for order, represented by concise geometric forms of the humanmade world and my flat painted surfaces, and expressive freedom, as evidenced by the scratched gesso substrate that sometimes breaks through the layers of paint, the occasional Desire path v.looseness of the brushstrokes and the organic shapes of the natural world. This quest for balance is also illustrated in my compositions, in which figurative realism struggles with abstract composition.

I’m currently working on a series of more experimental works for a show at Circa Cape Town in January 2018 for their “Cubicle” project.

My work is held in collections in Cape Town, Johannesburg, New York, London, Toronto, Stockholm and Mexico City.