Thomas Cartwright – Live Now from Lygrell&Silver on Vimeo.

Ev Read openingI’m a Toronto-born, Cape Town-based artist who paints urban landscapes on handmade gesso panels. My work is a quest for beauty in chaos, and perhaps also for chaos in beauty.

My work is in collections in Cape Town, Johannesburg, New York, London, Toronto, Stockholm and Mexico City.

I completed work on a new iteration of my Feels like home series in 2020, drawing on imagery collected from refugees around the world, for which I was interviewed as part of Tufts University’s Refugee Integration Arts Festival.

I recently got a commission through Instagram, which kicked my ass into starting seven smallish new works that will go up in my store soon (probably late May). When I’ve got those done, I’ll go back to finishing some other commissions and doing preparatory research for a new exhibition… I’m going to do a nice deep dive on this one and have already ordered and received a nerdy book about Chinese and Japanese printmaking traditions of the twelfth to eighteenth centuries to point me in the right direction…

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May: Aleppo 1. 2020, oil on gesso panel, 30 x 22.5 cm. From ‘Feels like home: Refugees in towns’.