Oh, hello new year

Hey so it’s next year already! Howzabout that, eh? Oh, it’s February next year, you say? Well um, I’ve been busy, doing stuff and y’know… I mean do you think all those gessoed panels just … Read more

Unusual profile of Table Mountain seen from the water off Clifton Beach

After the gold rush

I had an exhibition and it went very well, pretty much as well as such a thing can go – it was sold out before opening night! I paid off some debt and still had … Read more

Looking out of a bus window towards the limestone quarry and Table Mountain in the far distance

36 views of Table Mountain

As mentioned in my previous post (from aaaaages ago, I know. I’ve been painting (mostly)) I have an exhibition imminent. It’s called ’36 views of Table Mountain’, and it’s a homage to Hokusai’s ’36 views … Read more

Mental strength, and an exhibition

I enjoy the drawn-out psychological quagmire that is cricket, both one-day games and test matches. One of the appeals is in the equivalent of watching a train wreck in slow motion: the mental disintegration of … Read more

The entropy of lethargy

I don’t know about some of you other self-employed types out there, but I’m beginning to wonder when/how I’ll ever get my mojo back. While I fought the good fight of productivity until just before … Read more


Here is some of the underpainting I’ve done for next year’s exhib. I’m quite enjoying obsessing over the detail on the edges… not sure how long that’ll last!

October 2014 exhibition

I’ll be having an exhibition at Everard Read, due to open on 1 October, 2014. Here are some of my source images, which also illustrate my obsession with plotting points.

Virgil Elliott

I’ve been reading Virgil Elliott’s Traditional Oil Painting (2000). ‘Virtually all of the great works of art create a mood that the viewer cannot help but feel. This, more than anything else, is the mark of … Read more