Oh, hello 2016

Hey so it’s next year already! Howzabout that, eh? Oh, it’s February next year, you say? Well um, I’ve been busy, doing stuff and y’know… I mean do you think all those gessoed panels just make themselves?

Here’s some stuff that I’ve done recently that didn’t involve hammers, wood glue, calcium carbonate, trips to the hardware store, first aid or cursing:




A gift for my friend Niek, who designed this website and has promised me that we will update its usability soon. He also designed the catalog for my exhibition 36 Views of Table Mountain and is thus deserving of much thanks.






A commission for a friend of my wife, who has left these fair shores but wanted something to remember us all by.


Athlone power station San Diego zoo

Tom Cartwright_Riebeek-Wes i

Tom Cartwright_Riebeek-Wes ii

These were one part commission, one part delayed wedding present for film cameraman Justin and author Diane. I tell you their occupations because the photo of the palm trees at San Diego Zoo was taken by Canadian poet and film producer Shaista Justin. See how that just came full circle? Neat, huh.

I took the photos that these two paintings are from on a roadtrip we took to attend the wedding of our friends Mandy and Daniel in Riebeek Kasteel. Mandy wants no one to buy them so that I can give them to her in exchange for the awesome PR assistance she’s been giving me recently.
The paintings themselves are up at Ebony Gallery until mid-February.
Oh look, that’s, like, soon.