The entropy of lethargy


I don’t know about some of you other self-employed types out there, but I’m beginning to wonder when/how I’ll ever get my mojo back. While I fought the good fight of productivity until just before Christmas (to the extent that my daughter complained that she never gets to spend time with me even though I’m at home all the time), now that I’ve let the holiday spirit in it’s hard to imagine my ‘old life’ reasserting itself.

I have worked on one commission over the last ten days, and that only because it has a deadline (praise be to deadlines!). Other than that I’ve napped, read a book (well, most of a book) and taken pictures of our cats. That’s about it, really, bar the regular domestics. 

This raises the importance of getting-on-a-roll-and-staying-on-it-for-as-long-as-possible, because I have sometimes found it disheartening to have to climb back onto the wagon of focus and productivity. I have no doubt that I’ll sort it out when the time comes (I think the time is Monday) and my daughter will wish she were at school again so she could have some friends to play with, but the flipside to this little rant is that to my surprise I’ve actually quite enjoyed this little stint of doing sweet bugger all. Turns out I’m not just a little art-making machine after all.

I’m going to go lie on my bed with the cats and finish my book now, before the holiday’s over.