36 views of Table Mountain

Wreck of the Seli 1, Bloubergstrand
Wreck of the Seli 1, Bloubergstrand

As mentioned in my previous post (from aaaaages ago, I know. I’ve been painting (mostly)) I have an exhibition imminent. It’s called ’36 views of Table Mountain’, and it’s a homage to Hokusai’s ’36 views of Mount Fuji’, a  famous series of woodblock prints from the early 1800s. It showed Mount Fuji from a wide variety of perspectives, in differing seasons and weather conditions, from far away and close up, from cities and rural areas. It was a remarkable and beautiful series of snapshots (long before snapshots had been invented, of course) on a recurring theme. This pic is from that series:


‘Nuff said.

So I’m painting 36 views of Table Mountain, and I have learned a LOT about the mountain ranges in this fair peninsula while taking walks with lovely and knowledgeable people or driving around it, next to it or over it. I have evolved my painting technique, limited my palette, worked in layers, rubbed paint away, put it back on… I have had a really great time, and I hope you’ll come and have a look at the fruits of my labour (well, it wasn’t all labour; that’s kinda the point – it’s been fun!).

The exhibition opens at 6:30pm on 27 November at the Everard Read Gallery, Portswood Road, Cape Town. If you want to get a glass of wine in you while you view the art, come then. If you’re opening-phobic and would rather not see lots of people standing in front of the paintings, come on any subsequent weekday up until 11 December, which is when the exhibition comes down.

I’m working on a book to document the works, too, with my design guru genius friend Niek de Greef. Clever people Pippa Skotnes, Natasha Norman and my dad have all written insightful things about me, the works and/or the mountain, so there’s that to look forward to too.

Meanwhile, I’m off to paint.

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